Board Members

We are a passionate team working together to promote the compliance, accountability and sustainability of organizations in Bali and surrounding islands, in order to foster & enhance emergency preparedness and successfully activate response as a unified body.




Rodney Westerlaken – Chairman

Dr. Rodney Westerlaken is the founder of Westerlaken Foundation and Yayasan Bali Bersih (the legal partner of Westerlaken foundation in Indonesia). Rodney lives in Bali since 2007. Westerlaken foundation executes 4 different programs focusing on Marine Life, Human & Children rights, Cultural Heritage Management and Emergency relief. The foundation has helped in the aftermath of the Gunung Agung crisis, the Lombok earthquakes and the Palu tsunami and is active in the relief of the Balinese society effected by COVID-19.

Rodney wrote his PhD research on the change in perception of submitting children to Child Welfare Institutions (orphanages) in Denpasar and could relate the high number of children living in orphanages to a changed cultural perception of bringing financial orphans (read children with parents) to orphanages in the aftermath of the Bali Bom.

Rodney is currently doing a post doctorate research in cooperation with Udayana University towards the effects of COVID-19 on the Balinese society.

Westerlaken Foundation



Jeroen Van Overbeek – Vice Chairman

Jeroen, from the Netherlands, has twenty years of international experience in the B to B ingredients field (food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals). He holds an MBA from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Jeroen held various positions in Asia and Europe in Business Development, Project Management and General Management.

He led teams across borders and cultures, in both emerging and developed markets. Jeroen can converse in 6 languages, amongst which Chinese (Mandarin) and Bahasa Indonesia.

Jeroen worked for corporations like Associated British Foods, where he was Vice President EMEA for the Yeast division and led a business of several hundred million US$. Prior to this, from 2002 to 2009, he spent 7 years in China, where he led the Asian operations of the Specialty Chemicals division of the SNPE group.

Jeroen has a good knowledge of the Asian markets, has always had an interest in social enterprises and aspired to start his own business.

This is the reason why he founded Social ImpaKt, a social enterprise operating in Indonesia whose mission is to improve access to clean drinking water in remote communities.

Jeroen’s vision is to help people at the bottom of the pyramid with access to safe and affordable technologies which are enhancing their everyday life and have a positive impact on the environment. And these technologies create micro-business opportunities within the local communities.




Kylie Parmley – Secretary

Australian born, Kylie Parmley, followed her dream to live in Bali in 2013 and along with her husband and two children, now calls the beautiful Island their home.

In April 2020, Kylie along with her friend, Brad Downes founded Crisis Kitchen Bali.

What started as an initiative from Churros Tropicana Café in Umalas to cook a few meals to, grew very quickly from the realisation that people required more sustainable amounts of food. The operation expanded, moving to the commercial kitchen at Sangsaka Restaurant who donated a space for the team to create their food packages.

From these humble beginnings, Crisis Kitchen placed an importance on giving people a platform to tell their story, to be able to ask for help and to know that there were people out there that care for them and their family. Information is collected from people to allow for more responsible aid giving and to be able to monitor a person’s need for ongoing support.

Crisis Kitchen works with a number of different organisations around Bali and Kylie’s belief that successful collaborations achieve greater impact is the driving reason for her involvement in Bali NGO & Associates.

As of December 2020, Crisis Kitchen Bali has distributed 62,768 ‘per person’ grocery packs and 41,666 cooked meals, totalling over 793,666 meals.

They have also contributed to farming projects, collaborated with other Organisations to assist in emergency food relief and medical or secondary cases caused by the current Crisis.

They work with local suppliers and aim to create jobs or opportunities that empower people.

Crisis Kitchen Bali



Joyce Oei

Joyce Oei runs Goddess Kitchen, a charity initiative under the umbrella of Goddess Retreats, women-only wellness retreats that were first established in 2003. When the economic impact of Covid-19 Pandemic hit the holiday island of Bali hard, Joyce and her retreat team set up a platform to assist elderly women, single mothers and single women who lost their main income due to the downturn in the economy. Women empowerment is a subject that is close to her heart and she hopes that her contribution in Bali NGO & Associates will help raise more awareness of the need to support the women in Bali, either with basic necessities or up-skill trainings to improve the living standards of the women. Joyce is from Medan, North Sumatra, but has called Bali home since 2003.




Gary Seah – Treasurer

As director and country manager at AidHub, Gary is passionate to share knowledge and ideas with peers to improve efficiencies and sustainability. Primary focus is providing tools and resources to empower people to realise their best potential.

Gary has a strong background in Sales, Marketing and Training with the SME industry (small medium enterprise), and he has coached and mentored many entrepreneurs to be sustainable and successful. His analytical skills with start up operations provide practical solutions to achieve outcomes for many projects.



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